Hey there, I'm Kristofor! 

IMAGINE THIS... Your employee is working alongside you to build your business's email list.  Not only does he have access to all of your contacts, but you've taught him how to market to potential clients, make sales, and create relationships.  Suddenly, that employee decides he'd rather run his own business and he walks away... with your client list and a competing offer.  


I’ll help you manage the crisis, retain clients, draft new policy, and procedures, assess access control issues and vet and train future hires to ensure it never happens again.  Even better, we create those standards from the start and you never have to find yourself in that situation to begin with.

You failed to protect customer data.  Now someone in your business has used client PII to open fraudulent credit cards in their names.  Not only has your reputation suffered, but several customers are considering legal action claiming that you were liable for the breach and demonstrated a negligence by failing to reasonably foresee that their data could be compromised. 


I’ll work with you to manage the crisis and limit the damage.  I’ll investigate the breach, identify the perpetrator, liaison with the appropriate legal authorities and act as an expert witness on behalf of the business in criminal or civil proceedings.  Better yet, before you scale and hire, I will conduct a full Security Threat and Risk Analysis (STRA) of your business model and identify vulnerabilities.  I will then provide you with guidance on mitigating risk to include working with you to develop a secure hiring process, conducting pre-employment background investigations, drafting policy and procedures, implementing access control systems, security awareness training and creating a performance management system for staff.